Thursday, December 31, 2009

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I am a newbie when it comes to makeup,  but my reading addiction at Girl Talk.  makeup becomes my addiction, all i have before was a 1 pc of lipstick, blusher and face powder that's it, Girl Talk become part of my daily life routine, now  I've been lemming for the following products that I have in mind

here's my beauty list I hope i can make it,  i need to save to have this in the next few months..*wink *

*Kryolan Invisible Matt Face Primer
*Kryolan Supracolor Palette
*Kryolan Anti Shine Powder
*Urban Decay Book Of Shadows II
*Dolface 132 Color Lip Palette
*MUFE Concealer Palette
*MUFE Correcting Palette 

*MUFE All Matt Face Primer
*Nars Brush Set
*Nars Shiap Lipstick

*Stile Gel Liner
Etude House

Since NYX is best for those who are in a budget like me i would love to have this collection stuff here's my list for my next purchased:   

*Round Lipstick in Tearose  doll pink for lip gloss and silky rose blushes
   Shades of:

I also want the NYX mosaic powder blush in paradise, NYX brow powder in black gray,  NYX concealer in a jar,NYX eyeshadow  primer base,

Im not ready to shell out big amount on makeup especially that im still a newbie, above wishlist will be my future HG's when i have enough knowledge on how to put right makeup and  have enough savings lol!!

Here's My List On A Local Makeup Brand pretty sure i can afford to have hehe....

Herbench PaintBox Palette in Showgirl
*Herbench Lipgloss in Playful Purple
*Ever Bilena 24 MakeUp Palette
*Ever Bilena Powder Foundation
*Ever Bilena Mineral Concealer Brush
*Ever Bilena Blush in Rose
*Ever Bilena Eye Pencil In White
*Ever Bilena Lippies In Storm Matte/Mauvey
*Ellana Mineral MakeUP
*Careline In Cotton Candy Pink Lipstick 
*Careline Stick Eye Shadows
*Fashion 21 Final Powder
*Fashion 21 Lovely Coral Lipstick
*Fanny Serrano strawberry Sparkle
*Nichido Glamour Palette
*Nichido Bronzing Powder

That's it for now, will  add more after few days, for the meantime i am happy to have those above  on my makeup list as soon as possible lol!! oppppsss got to go, 5 hours left before new years!! great that I have my list now hope that My Santa's friends could hear or i need to show my blog post to them maybe they can help me to fulfill my wishlist haha dream on..Anyway I really need to stop writting or else i will be stock up infront of my computer bye for now guys....Enjoy and have a great fantastic new year...cheers:-)

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