Sunday, December 27, 2009

All About Foods

Eating is one of my favorite hobby..wink*  I love all kinds of food  actually im not into veggies, but nowadays im starting to eat healthy foods i need that anyway to stay fit and healthy,

lettuce, spinnach, chopped ham, shredded chicken, 1 hard boiled egg, carrots, cottage cheese, tomato wedge, black pepper

cauliflower, broccoli celery  and carrots love it..

 *Coffee  with milk and toasted bread for breakfast*

*buns and hot choco yummy*

so tempting to eat all those donuts i am a self confessed donut lover, i love sweets but im having toothaches nowadays, and aside from that i have gained pounds, so im cutting down sweets on my list it's hard but im trying my best to slow down especially during the time that i cannot resist temptation while inside the mall and looking at those yummy krispy creme  oh well 2 pc is just ok just to feed my cravings for donuts least Im glad that I can control my cravings now, i have this motivation in mind and hopefully i can remain till i loss few more pounds and going  to the dentist for check up hehe:-)

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