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Lately I am suffering from Itchy sensation in the eyes I know it  is a common eye problem that many people experience at some point of time in their life. In most cases, itching is caused due to eye infections and allergic reactions. Allergies can be resulted due to environment pollutants (dust, molds, pollen, pet dander, etc.) and cosmetics. and I myself has allergies with those environment pollutant that mention above.

Pardon me for not posting any about  my personal blog,  about fashion and blog contest. I don't have much time yet. so for the meantime let me share you what I have read about the symptoms and cure of Itchy Eyes

Symptoms Related to Itchy Eyes

Some of the common symptoms that are associated with itchy eyes include excessive tear production (watery eyes), redness, and puffiness of the eyes. Occasionally, patients of common cold complain of itching in the eyes. In some individuals, eye medications, like antibiotic drops, can lead to irritation in the eyes. Based on the underlying cause and sensitivity of the patient, itchy eye treatment options may vary from one person to another. But, self administration of eye medications is strictly not recommended. After all, our eyes are very sensitive and even a mild medicine may lead to complications.

Home Remedies

So, you are tired of the itchy eyes at night and want to go for a treatment at any cost. Indeed, it is so frustrating and some people even have trouble in sleeping because of dry and itchy eyes. However, before opting for therapeutic treatment, you can follow certain self-care tips at home. In most cases, positive responses have been observed after practicing effective remedies. The challenge is to identify what causes the eye symptoms. For getting relief from this annoying condition, you can consider practicing the following remedies and personal care guidelines.

Understand the Cause

At any point of time, the best treatment is to find out the causes of itchy eyes and prevent them. If you are hypersensitive to particular cosmetics and eye medications, do not use them. The logic is to avoid the triggering factors for eye irritation. Similarly, if pink eye or other eye problem is causing itchy eyes, follow the safety measures to prevent them.

Do Not Rub Itchy Eyes

With itchy eyes, we feel an intense urge to rub them. But the fact is, the more you rub, the higher is the production of histamine, which in turn worsens the symptoms. Rubbing the eyes may also lead to complications such as puffy eyes and trauma in the eyelid and eye surface. When you feel like rubbing itchy eyes, apply cold compresses or wash your eyes with clean water.

Apply Cold Compresses

The most effective remedy is applying cold compresses. For this purpose, you can use a washrag (or soft cloth) and sterile cool water. First of all, lie down comfortably with your back, dip the washrag in cold water, and place it over the affected eyes. As soon as the washrag warms up, dip it again in cold water and place over the eyes. Repeating the procedure for 3 - 4 times a day will help in relieving eye itchiness.

Use Eye Pack

Eye packs are often prescribed for persistent problem and/or recurrent onset of itchy eyes. In order to get rid of itchy eyes problem, you can use eye pack of a reliable brand. Store it in the refrigerator and use whenever you feel like scratching your eyes. Since eyes are very sensitive to any substances, make sure you follow the instructions carefully, while applying such products.

Wear Wraparound Sunglasses

In case, you are extremely sensitive to dust, mold, pollens, and pet dander, it is advisable to wear wraparound sunglasses, particularly when you are cleaning the house. Also, make sure that you drive with the windows closed. By doing so, your eyes will be protected from getting exposed to environmental allergens.

If allergies of the eyes are the sole cause for causing itchiness, the specialist may recommend specific dosage of antihistamines and eye drops. The former medication helps in combating the immune responses and minimizing histamine production, which are responsible for causing itching symptoms in the eyes.

Last but not the least, proper eye care, managing stress, and getting adequate sleep aid in getting rid of itchy eyes. If the eye condition does not improve after following the above remedies, then you should get them checked by a qualified eye specialist.

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7 Surprising Secrets that Happy Couples Know

7 Surprising Secrets that Happy Couples Know

[1]Sweat the Small Stuff

It's the little things that you and your partner do - or don't do - that will affect your relationship. Happy couples know that it's important to pay attention to the details. Small gestures, like warming your partner's car on a cold day or sharing a compliment don't go unnoticed. In fact, research shows that we need 5 positive interactions to negate just 1 negative interaction - so keep the positive exchanges coming!
Tip: Consider doing one small gesture that you know your partner will like every day. Notice how it affects your dynamic.

[2] It's OK to Fight

It's not the fact that you fight but how you fight that will determine the health and happiness of your relationship. Couples who boast that they never disagree may be suppressing their needs and desires in favor of their partners. While compromise is an integral part a relationship, expressing yourself is also essential.
Tip: If you find that you fight too much, try the five-second rule. Count to five before opening your mouth to voice your gripe and ask yourself if your complaint is constructive to share or potentially destructive.

[3] Keep Expectations in Check

A woman was asked how she made her 60 year marriage last. She answered simply, "My husband and I never fell out of love at the same time." The happiest couples realize that falling in love and being in love are different, and they don't put pressure on themselves to feel fireworks daily. They work hard to have more ups than downs, but accept that there will be times that they won't be in sync.
Tip: If you haven't felt the romantic butterflies you long for, consider mixing up your relationship routine to introduce more novelty.

[4] Nothing Compares to Their Love

Many of us have a tendency to compare our romantic relationships with those of our peers as if we're in a 'best relationship' reality show. The reality is that none of us know the true health and happiness of a relationship unless we're in it. How many times have you been surprised to hear that a 'perfect couple' broke up? Happy couples know that nothing compares to their love.
Tip: Instead of comparing your relationship to others, consider using yourself as a frame-of-reference. Are you measuring up to the vision you held and the commitment you made on your wedding day?

[5] It's OK to Schedule Sex

Not sexy to schedule sex? That's true, but it's sexier than not having sex at all with your partner. According to therapist Dr. Ian Kerner, "If you don't use it - you lose it." Literally. Testosterone levels will drop and you'll be less inclined to want to pursue an intimate connection. If you're overbooked with small kids or a busy career and never feel that there's time for intimacy, consider putting aside time.
Tip: Just because you've scheduled time for intimacy doesn't mean there's no room for spontaneity or mystery!

[6] Don't Be Sure That You Know Your Partner

Many couples pride themselves on knowing everything about their significant other down to what she'll order on a menu to what his deepest desires are. However, a study showed that the longer a couple was together, the less likely they could predict their partner's preferences. The reason? Our tastes and desires change through time, but we stop asking questions and learning about our partners. Couples who feel connected stay curious about each other.
Tip: Allow yourself to be surprised by your mate. Don't assume that just because he hated something ten years ago, he'll never want to try it again.

[7] They Are Present

Is there anything more important than our relationships? Regardless, so many of us prioritize everything (laundry, emails, TV shows) over connecting with our mate. 82-year-old Carol has been happily married and widowed twice and says, "The most important thing you can offer in a relationship is your presence."
Tip: Your 'to do' list will always be full. Before getting pulled into many directions, take the time to greet each other with a hug or a kiss after work. Touching your mate will release oxytocin in your brain, which will help you feel more connected for the rest of the night.

~That's it for now ladies. Have a great day XOXO~
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