Thursday, December 31, 2009

Make Up and Beauty Products Wishlist myspace graphic comments

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I am a newbie when it comes to makeup,  but my reading addiction at Girl Talk.  makeup becomes my addiction, all i have before was a 1 pc of lipstick, blusher and face powder that's it, Girl Talk become part of my daily life routine, now  I've been lemming for the following products that I have in mind

here's my beauty list I hope i can make it,  i need to save to have this in the next few months..*wink *

*Kryolan Invisible Matt Face Primer
*Kryolan Supracolor Palette
*Kryolan Anti Shine Powder
*Urban Decay Book Of Shadows II
*Dolface 132 Color Lip Palette
*MUFE Concealer Palette
*MUFE Correcting Palette 

*MUFE All Matt Face Primer
*Nars Brush Set
*Nars Shiap Lipstick

*Stile Gel Liner
Etude House

Since NYX is best for those who are in a budget like me i would love to have this collection stuff here's my list for my next purchased:   

*Round Lipstick in Tearose  doll pink for lip gloss and silky rose blushes
   Shades of:

I also want the NYX mosaic powder blush in paradise, NYX brow powder in black gray,  NYX concealer in a jar,NYX eyeshadow  primer base,

Im not ready to shell out big amount on makeup especially that im still a newbie, above wishlist will be my future HG's when i have enough knowledge on how to put right makeup and  have enough savings lol!!

Here's My List On A Local Makeup Brand pretty sure i can afford to have hehe....

Herbench PaintBox Palette in Showgirl
*Herbench Lipgloss in Playful Purple
*Ever Bilena 24 MakeUp Palette
*Ever Bilena Powder Foundation
*Ever Bilena Mineral Concealer Brush
*Ever Bilena Blush in Rose
*Ever Bilena Eye Pencil In White
*Ever Bilena Lippies In Storm Matte/Mauvey
*Ellana Mineral MakeUP
*Careline In Cotton Candy Pink Lipstick 
*Careline Stick Eye Shadows
*Fashion 21 Final Powder
*Fashion 21 Lovely Coral Lipstick
*Fanny Serrano strawberry Sparkle
*Nichido Glamour Palette
*Nichido Bronzing Powder

That's it for now, will  add more after few days, for the meantime i am happy to have those above  on my makeup list as soon as possible lol!! oppppsss got to go, 5 hours left before new years!! great that I have my list now hope that My Santa's friends could hear or i need to show my blog post to them maybe they can help me to fulfill my wishlist haha dream on..Anyway I really need to stop writting or else i will be stock up infront of my computer bye for now guys....Enjoy and have a great fantastic new year...cheers:-)

HAPPY NEW YEAR myspace graphic comments

I just had a small haul for today last minute mini shopping went to the nearest Watson store bought some inexpensive beauty products, and bought pretty inexpensive stuff from 99 store,  that i find it cute  was excited to take photo op so here are the items that i have with me.. wink

 Celeteque facial wash
white plus whitening with gluthatione by glamworks
1 cute pink with ribbon cellphone case
2 mini pouch chinese designs got from the 99 store
1 set of aromatheraphy with  mini candles essential oil inside
harmony incense with holder for only p39 so cheap hehe


Inexpensive products yet works wonder on my skin,  aside from my Cyliena organic soap i consider this a must buy no breakouts and i dunno but this products controls my oily skin using Celeteque thrice a week and white plus whitening soap combo using Cyliena apple and cinnamon to my body

that's it for now, I need to go and prepare for tonight new year's celebration..hope you have a wonderful and prosperous new year cheers :-)

Monday, December 28, 2009

All about books

This year I've decided to bestow a book on my nearest and dearest for New Year Over the next few days, I'll be giving you a glimpse at the titles I'll be gifting, for myself definitely hehe.....





I do love books here are some of mine that is a must to every woman i guess so..well try to have them and you'll find something worth to read

This book will make you realize what it takes to love and to be loved, as it tears down common assumptions about relationships. Livingston's central argument is that there is, in fact, a perfect match out there for us all, somebody who perfectly complements our perfections and our imperfections. Livingston also argues that the notion of relationships being hard work requiring negotiation is not a good view: relationships should come easily to us, and, if not, we haven't found a suitable match. Tough love, maybe, but this book could shave years of bad dating off your life!

Spencer believes that confidence and self-belief are key to being the best (slim) you – and she is living proof: "In writing this book, I ditched the diets and started to find ways to feel better about being me. And guess what? I lost that pesky half stone." This is where things get murky, like a cold cup of Starbucks: essentially, Spencer is saying weight loss = a happier you (she wants you to be slimmer and will tell you how); but on the other hand, she wants to free us "from the shackles of thin and the torments of dieting." A contradiction, no?

I’m treating this book like a magazine, photocopying and getting busy with Post-it notes and highlighter pens. Some of the tips have even made it to my moodboard, while I have committed the correct way to shop without acquiring three skirts in the same colour to memory.

Every girl will find a gem of wisdom in this book to help her save money...without starving, going naked or staying at home every night with the lights off.

The book starts out well, with Spencer condemning our celebrity-driven dieting culture and giving a serving of to the stupidity of Atkins, Hay and the Zone. She espouses the virtues of viewing appetite as "part of a wider picture, a realistic picture", which "encompasses body image, self-esteem, lifestyle and the regular ups and downs of normal life, and not one only suitable for Hollywood starlets, heiresses, models and people who have staff to juice their morning beetroot." Yay to that.

that's it for now hope you had a wonderful day ahead..cheers:-)

*Alma grace*

Sunday, December 27, 2009

All About HBC Products

I was hesitant to try HBC products before but since i read good feedbacks from forums I started to get my persoanl hauls from that are my reviews from their products that I personally used before writing and sharing my reviews about certain products...

Hortaleza Professional Conditioner: Virgin Coconut Oil 1000mL
It is formulated to moisturize hair as it helps prevent dandruff and scalp itchiness. Its moisture-enriched formula gently coats each hair strand making my hair soft, smooth and shiny, aside from its cheap  no regret using this product since i started and the smell is so good doesn't smell like a coconut at all

Hortaleza Professional Hairspa Treatment
Intensive conditioning treatment it is formulated to revive hair, ideal for color treated hair and hair that has undergone rebonding, straightening and relaxing treatment, I am using this for almost 2 months i used once a week to revive my hair and so far so good

All About Foods

Eating is one of my favorite hobby..wink*  I love all kinds of food  actually im not into veggies, but nowadays im starting to eat healthy foods i need that anyway to stay fit and healthy,

lettuce, spinnach, chopped ham, shredded chicken, 1 hard boiled egg, carrots, cottage cheese, tomato wedge, black pepper

cauliflower, broccoli celery  and carrots love it..

 *Coffee  with milk and toasted bread for breakfast*

*buns and hot choco yummy*

so tempting to eat all those donuts i am a self confessed donut lover, i love sweets but im having toothaches nowadays, and aside from that i have gained pounds, so im cutting down sweets on my list it's hard but im trying my best to slow down especially during the time that i cannot resist temptation while inside the mall and looking at those yummy krispy creme  oh well 2 pc is just ok just to feed my cravings for donuts least Im glad that I can control my cravings now, i have this motivation in mind and hopefully i can remain till i loss few more pounds and going  to the dentist for check up hehe:-)

My New Years Wishlist

I am starting my new years wish list Hopefully this material wishlist will be grant as soonest time possible, my motivation to work inspired and aim high with the blessings of our dear God above....

 *Chanel  Bag and Jewelry Collection*  wink:-)

Isn't it lovely? Wew!! i wish i could have them all ...dream on girl:-)

LCD TV and complete dining set like this...


Make ups

Do I need to explain why I adore this cute pink bag *wink*

I think I need to have this Ipod though im not that techie,  i think i was left behind by the technology right now so i hope i kinda find something good about having this stuff on my wishlist hopefully but not really my priority

Trip to Paris France, well I need to work on it:-) 


Click here for hot comments and graphics...

*New rewarding stable career that i can grow better*
*Good Health for me and My Family* 
*Success For My Future Business*
*More Trips Abroad..wink*

*Hoping to find the man God destined to be my Life partner*

That's it for now, I have more list to go, be back in few  days...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Shopping Diaries

I have lots of shopping list but here are the following that i have purchased
Nine West off white with mini wallet i love this bag with this nine west plated keychain i just close my eyes buying this stuff!!ouch!!!

I also bought the nine west wallet so cute...

love the mini bling bling/ plated nine west keychain

look inside It's just ok to fit my face powder, blusher, lipstick wallet mini diary and cellphone*wink*

My fave green nine west bag with cellphone case and credit card wallet, I also love this cute little Elle bag that i can bring anytime go and grab bag just right for my face powder foundation lipstick, cellphone and wallet


I love this DKNY stuff that i bought from Duty Free simple and fits good on me..

There you go, my all time favorite perfume bought 100ml Dolce and Gabanna light Blue and Ralph Lauren Romance 50 ml, bought also watson exfoliating body scrub in  strawberry and i have also Avon  skin so soft intensive whitening lotion 100ml  powder foundation and pure beige and the 24k pink lipstick but its too light look like im only wearing lipgloss with shimmering effect i don't like that much it's good cause i only got on sale but no more next time on this lipstick

shoes from Kenneth Cole reaction i love this shoes  so comfortable  to wear..

Bershka backless top bought this a year ago  and i think it's a nice to pair it with a mini maong skirt so i got a mini skirt from forever 21 to complete it and im glad that i can wear this when i feel like a little bit sexy lol!!

Forever 21  miniskirt

then, here we go wearing this outifit of mind
bershka yellow backless top
forever 21 mini skirt
greenhills yellow accessories

I prefer not to disclose my identity for privacy purposes tee hee..

*That's it for now, thanks for reading ...cheers:-)*
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