Saturday, February 27, 2016

Watson's Saturday Haul!

                                       WATSON'S IS LOVE♡♡♡

Watson's is a one stop shop for health and beauty products.  It feels great to shop, great finds of skincare and cosmetics. Here's what I've got today

(LtR) St, Ives blemish control apricot scrub, sassy nail polish, mediherbs whitening soap, GT Bleaching soap, Glupa Glutathione papaya soap, watson's treatment wax, QUICK FX no shine matrifier,  Belo night repair whitening cream, OPAL virgen coconut plus aloe vera hot oil cream.

 Belo night theraphy whitening vitamin cream and Opal virgen coconut plus aloe vera hot oil conditioner.
 GT bleaching soap, mediherbs soap papaya plus and Glupa Glutathione and papaya

That's it guys. Thanks for droppin by! Happy Weekend! ~xoxo~

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Saturday Mini haul

LtR- Cyliena papaya goats milk soap, ahglow keratin treatment, HHN feminine wash, HHN Sunflower beauty oil, eskinol pimple fighting toner and skinwhite toner
 I'm a soapaholic!!! I love organics. I super liked Cyliena Black pearl soap.
 HHN natural feminine wash in chamomile cool and sunflower beauty oil
 HHN SUNFLOWER BEAUTY OIL- is a beauty breakthrough and a cult classic with its many miracles, visibly diminishes the appearance of dark spots, pimple marks and dark underarms. Helps soothe tender, irritated skin and so much more. As they say. Its a miracle beauty oil.... I will share my experience as soon as I start using this Miracle beauty oil♡
 HUMAN HEART NATURAL FEMININE WASH in chamomile cool- 100% no harmful chemicals. With the calming care of chamomile and aloe vera, and revel in the hint of sensational freshness from natural cooling agents.

That's it for today! Have a great day!~xoxo~

Monday, February 1, 2016

Watson's haul

Watson's is one of my fave health and beauty store. So let me share the stuff I bought from watsons.

 Watsons beyond care skin lightening body lotion, watsons collagen moisturizing & brightening facial mask, Quick FX CC cream, eskinol gluta milk toner
 Watsons beyond care skin lightening body lotion is a buy 2 get 1 promo..

 Watsons  collagen moisturizing & brightening facial mask  contains  hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, hydrolysed elastin, and tremella fuciformis extract to deeply hydrate and nourish your skin. As well as boost your skin luminosity and elasticity, bringing you clearer brighter and smoother skin.
Pardon If I included the medicine for my cough bought from the health shop near watsons. Been using these to cure my cough its also good to cure sore throat.

Have a great day Everyone!!!~ xoxo
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