Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Hearts Day with love

How was your valentines day celebration? me i just went outside bought my comfort food and went back home, I date myself haha oh well i used to celebrate valentines day alone most of the time, or with my friends but now i just prefer to stay at home, how about you ? hope your having fun with or without partner just remember that the real essence of valentine's day is not just only having a date  or a partner, but simply loving those people around you like your family, relatives and friends show them how much you love hug and kiss with that you will feel lots of love so let the love love love shower our life...

Happy Hearts Day!

Friday, February 12, 2010

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Singapore is one of my favorite destination, I have been to Singapore  for 3 times, I love Singapore as if i was live there in my past life, i love everything and i have lots of reason why i love to stay in Singapore, it is safe crime free environment, foods are superb,it is also Clean, green leafy streets and parks, has a first class public transport lots of shopping mall and fashion clothes accessories and everything about fashion. and most of all has the best airline in the world.IMO:-)

I love Singapore Airlines, I can say that SG is one of my favorite Airlines i like thier service and food plus i have the chance to take home some blanket and some souvienier stuff inside the airplane hehhehe, cabin crews are also kind and friendly.

here's some photo's  i have more photo's but i think this is enough post for this blog

the food yummy better than EK lol!

here's what i've got inside SG airplane 

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Flight Attendant fly for your dream:-)

To all the aspiring flight attendant here's a testimony from a girl who aim for her dream I hope that everyone of you will have an idea about how and what are the things to do during your application and be inspired to continue and reach for your dream.Goodluck!

Cabin Crew Open Day – Day 1
Posted on the November 27th, 2009

The whole thing was like a dream for me, I applied for different airlines via their website and I have never heard back from any of them, even some of the websites showed that my application was unsuccessful even without an interview, somehow i was loosing hope till i found out about the Open Day.

A Newsletter

Sunday morning i received an email from Qatar Airways that they are conducting an open day to recruit Cabin Crews in my country and i was invited, I thought they invited me because they are interested in my resume but actually it was just a newsletter. I took a day off work, garbed my suit, fixed my hair, nice perfume, my CV and of course the smile and there we go i am ready to go.


It was easy to find the Hotel and from there i was able to find the Hall, i was there almost half an hour early and as i was going down the stairs to the hall i started to hear some people talking, the noise was getting louder as i step down, there were like a hundred or so standing out of the hall, i thought that the challenge is not going to be easy but guess what ? around a thousand applicant was already inside the hall!!! I was really shocked of how many people was there.

It looked like they got too many applicants more than anyone expect and it was a bit difficult to control that number of applicants. In a short words I had to find my way to get a seat in the interview hall as i was waiting for like 3 hours and it looked like it is getting more and more crowded. Yes I sneaked into the other hall where the recruiters are interviewing and I was lucky to find a seat for myself.

Screening Interview

A two very good looking ladies sitting in the front and like twenty applicant in front of each of the ladies, I took my place in the queue till it was my turn. The lady was really sweet, she asked for my CV which i had in my hand, she looked at it really quick that she couldn’t see nothing and then she asked “How old are you ?” “27″ i answered then she asked “Do you have any experience as a Cabin Crew?” i said “No” she answered “Not yet” , Then she said we will call you before 8pm today if you are selected to continue with us, It was like a very quick screening interview to eliminate some of the huge number they got, However the interview was like couple of minutes but I ended up sitting the whole day with one eye on the clock and one on the phone.

The Call

7:55pm my phone was ringing, Yes! I am in for the second day!!! I felt so released and really felt so happy that i was selected. I realized that I had a lot of things to prepare that I couldn’t even think about before as I was so stressed waiting for the next day and started to run around like a bee. I have never been to a Cabin Crew interview before and did not know what is it going to be for the next day, what kind of questions they are going to ask, I tried google but couldn’t find too much but found some people talking about assessment process that really helped a bit to know what to expect for the next day.

Cabin Crew Assessment Day – Day 2
Posted on the December 5th, 2009

After such a long day fighting to get my place in the Assessment Day i was so excited to take the next step.

It seems like out of that big number in the Open Day, only forty lucky applicants made it to the Assessment Day, They all looked good and it was a bit challenging to stand yourself between them.

Short video about Qatar

The same recruiters was there “the two sweet ladies”, they checked if somebody is missing and then they started with a video about Qatar. The video was nice and after the video they highlighted few things that could be a bit difficult for some people to live with, such as very hot weather in Qatar, Culture issues and some of the rules in the country.

English Test

After the short video they gave us an written English test that we need to do in 45 minutes, the English test was simple and the time was sufficient, it was like some multiple choice questions, a short essay about yourself and another essay about a topic they give.

During the test they called one by one to come over and reach a specified height, i think it was around 210cm. For gentlemen you should reach it standing normally on your feet and for ladies they can stand on the fingertips.

Assessment Round One

After the English test they grouped us in two groups, 20 applicants in each group and they gave us a topic to discuss while they watch us, they mentioned that we should not look at them during the discussion as they will be watching, the topic was a question that you have to discuss and come out with an answer all together in 20 minutes. Then we were asked to leave the hall till they call for us. We waited for around 30 minutes then we were again invited to the hall, they announced 20 numbers and then we were again asked to leave the hall but this time only the ones who heard their numbers will come back after saying good bye to the others.

Assessment Round Two

20 applicants were remaining, it was strange how easily someone could be disqualified. Anyway we are again grouped into two groups for another discussion but this time the topic was some problems that we have to find a solution for each of them and the time is also 20 minutes, Another 10 was disqualified and only 10 applicants were qualified for the final interview next day.

Things to do

* Dress like if it is your wedding day
* Keep smiling, know that you are watched
* Try to get along quickly with others
* Don’t talk too much and don’t stay so quite
* Listen to the others during the group discussion and never stop someone to talk
* Be yourself, don’t pretend because they know it when you do

Qatar Airways Final Interview
Posted on the January 1st, 2010

10 candidates were remaining, about 6 girls and 4 boys, They assigned half an hour for each candidate and another half between each interview and the next one.


I googled some of the typical questions for the cabin crew final interviews, it was really useful to have an idea what to expect, I showed up for the interview about 5 minutes before my scheduled time, groomed to the best, smile on the face and all positive thinking. They kept me waiting for about 15 minutes before someone came out of the interview room to invite me in.

The Interview

The lady was really nice and she welcomed me very nicely, asked me to have a seat, interview started by introuducing themselves and a brief about my file they already have since the first day, One lady was taking the lead while the other was observing me and taking notes, it is very lady that you keep eye contact to both interviewrs, However one of the ladies was starring at me in the begining of the interview i don’t know if that was a technique she is using or that she liked me
Typical questions you will find online such as:

* Tell us about yourself
* Do you have a cabin crew experience ?
* Why do you want to become a cabin crew ?
* Do you have any experience doing a customer service job ?
* Tell us about a bad experience with a customer and how did you deal with it.

it took about 20 to 30 minutes till they finally asked me if i have any questions, my advice is that “You have to ask a good question here”, otherwise it could reflect that you are not really intersted in the job.

Finally they told me to expect an email within the next three weeks either i am accepted or not. they also mentioned that in case i did not get any answer from them i should contact them, luckily i got my Congratulations email after 1 week

Things to do:

* take contacts from others in the second day to stay in touch.
* prepare yourself for the interview by googling the most common questions.
* keep an eye contact to both interviewers.
* when they ask you “do you have any questions?”, you should ask a good on

Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Requirements

Qatar Airways is one of the fastest growing airlines in the world with an expanding route network covering the Middle East, Far East, Africa, Asia and Europe, with a modern fleet of A300-600, A319/A320/A321 and A330 aircraft. The airline is in the process of expansion and is based in Doha, a modern commercial centre and growing tourist destination. Qatar Airways Cabin Crew have been voted “Best in the Middle East” for the fourth year running and voted second "Best in the World". Their attention to delivering unsurpassed in-flight service has earned the airline a 5-Star ranking from Skytrax –as one of only four 5-Star airlines worldwide.


All Cabin Crew are based in Doha, the State of Qatar and the airline offers a competitive tax-free package in Qatar of over US $ 1,579 per month plus hotel meal allowances, free furnished sharing accommodation, medical insurance and airline benefits. Career prospects and personal development opportunities are tremendous in a dynamic and exciting environment.

This is a career opportunity to earn an excellent remuneration package, travel the world and be our flying ambassador for Qatar Airways.

How to Apply

To be considered for this opportunity, you will need the following:
*Minimum age of 20 years
*Minimum arm reach of 212 cms on tip toes
*Ideally, previous Airline, Customer Service, Nursing or Hospitality experience

Preference will be given to candidates with outgoing personalities, good interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a team environment.

To join this winning team, please apply online with your resume attaching a postcard-sized full-length colour photograph against a plain background.

Dress Code
The dress code for both photographs and interviews must be smart business attire as follows:

Females: Dress: Knee-length skirt/dress and half-sleeve blouse. Hair: Neat and tied back if long.
Males: Business suit, shirt and tie.

The airline accepts images by email in the following formats: JPG/JPEG or GIF. (Note: Try to keep the size below 50KB).

If you meet the above requirements and wish to apply, please visit the Qatar website at

Thanks for reading. Goodluck!

Friday, February 5, 2010

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

9 Chic Shoe Rules


I am  a shoe collector but not as much as "Imeldific" I am more into flat shoes and sandals It's no secret that women adore shoes. When you are blue, buying a new pair is an instant mood lifter. When you feel great, you make a trip to the shoe store in celebration. And on special occasions, you must have something special to wear. The truth is, there will always be a good excuse to add to your shoe closet.

Here are 9 tips on expressing your own personal style through your footwear.

1. Don't Be Hobbled by Discomfort Even if you love a pair, if you can't walk in them, don't buy them. Limping around in heels is decidedly ungraceful.

2. Dare to Wear Brights An electric hue can amp up a look, including outfits in colors other than black and denim. Try colored shoes with white, khaki, and pastels. A scarlet-red dress, however, calls for neutral footwear.

3. Wear What's Appropriate Open-toe sandals may be too risqué for a conservative suit, while a flat may be too casual for a cocktail frock. Keep your sneakers relegated to gym clothes or casual jeans. When in doubt, it's hard to go wrong with a classic black pump.

4. Going Outdoors? Say No to Stilettos
Photo Credit: Studio D
Photo Credit: Studio D

It will be difficult to walk when your heels keep sinking into the ground, and you'll ruin your shoes. Flats are fine, but if you want height, wedges are an ideal option.

5. Make a Statement
A spindly stiletto sandal is all about looking sexy, while a bow-emblazoned kitten heel veers more toward cute. Know what look you're going for, and go full out.

6. Va-va-voom Shoes Have Their Place
Nighttime is the right time for attention-getting shoes. If you still want to wear a knock-'em-dead look during the day, choose a closed-toe or peep-toe pump.

7.  Pair Sky-High Shoes with Tame Hemlines When going for major air, keep your hemlines at an inch above the knee. But when wearing a short skirt or dress, wear a lower heel or flat — it will balance you out and keep you from showing altogether too much leg.

Photo Credit: Studio D
Photo Credit: Studio D

8. Wear Flats with Properly Hemmed Clothes make sure your clothing is tailored or you'll risk looking sloppy. A trouser leg should fall at or above the ankle, while skirts or dresses should end above the knee.

9. Think About Balance
A thicker-heeled shoe grounds a heavily layered look, when something dainty could look off balance. The reverse also holds true. When wearing a wispy frock, a thin-strapped sandal is an appropriate match.

How about you guys? what are your comfort shoe style? I myself usually comfortable wearing flat shoes, I cannot stand wearing those killer heels yay! or else it will be a disaster, instead of looking glamorous end up looking like crazy ! so remember do not wear  high heel shoes if you cannot stand or else you  end up  just a one trying hard bitch lol!
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