Tuesday, June 29, 2010


To commemorate the inauguration our 15th president, Benigno Aquino III, Cebu Pacific is offering P15 seat sale (exclusive of gov't taxes and fees) for domestic flights and P1,500 for international flights. Booking period is from June 29 - 30 and travel period is from October 1 - November 30, 2010. From what we learned last promotion, you may already start booking as early as now. 
HURRY!!! you have more than 12 hours left to book your flight!!!
Goodluck, Have a nice day

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Forever 21 Opens in Manila on July 02, 2010

Yey! Finally my favorite shop, Forever21 will  be open here in Manila, I am so excited!

Got a sneak peek today inside Forever 21's 2,700 square-foot store on the 2nd level of SM Megamall A.you can read about it this Sunday in the Philippine Star's On The Radar.

Forever 21, SM Megamall

Here are your stats:
34 fitting rooms
60 sales assistants
17 cashiers
91 total staff, including management

Forever 21, SM Megamall

While Forever 21 takes over the Cinderella space at Megamall, the people behind the franchise are the SM Group.
On July 2nd, be among the first 250 customers who will receive a complimentary shopping coupon worth PHP200.
Doors open at 10 AM, mall time. Details on Sunday!
To all the shopaholic  lovers of forever 21 this is a good news for us go and  mark your calendar and let's begin the saga of shopping lol!!!!

Goodluck ladies have a nice day


Friday, June 18, 2010

My Mini Avon Haul + other random stuff

*My mini haul*

I can say that I am a renewed person now, yay! been a long time that I haven't purchased anything and no post about my somehow shopping addiction, good thing when I started my blog as "shopaholic goddess" I began to stop and  I'm in a "no buying mood"  I'm glad I did it, "just that I not worry to change the name instead remain and just blog about joining contest and who knows maybe I have the chance to get instant makeups and stuff for free, isn't it lovely yey!

but today let me share you my mini humble low maintenance purchases from Avon  haha!!! see I've changed a lot..

L-R* avon pink intimate apparel, Avon naturals papaya and soy milk lotion, Avon naturals anti- dandruff shampoo, Avon simply pretty dual powder foundie, eskinol facial cleanser, Ever Bilena off beat pink,  Likas papaya soap

just wanna share about my raves on this products cheap yet effective
Ever Bilena Off Beat Pink- I am happy to have this lipstick i love the pinky pink on my lips. but you need to put lipbalm before putting on your lips. 

pros: good for everyday used
inexpensive only P155 less than $5

cons: drying
smells like rubber

ratings: 3 stars out of 5 stars

  Likas Papaya whitening Soap

I've been using this for quite sometime and i can attest that this soap works wonder on my skin it is the first Filipino pure organic herbal soap enriched with papaya enzyme and blended with herbal herbs to whiten the skin.It is drying though so I would advice using a moisturizer afterwards. But it is an amazing, cheap bar of soap.  Likas papaya is always on my list especially if you like to whiten your skin.

pros: effective to whiten your skin but it takes a while.
inexpensive P75- $2
I would definitely buy this again it is a soap for keeps:-)

cons: drying that's it!

rating: 4 stars out of 5 stars

I am happy with my small purchases i will try to share my experienced about the Avon Simply Pretty dual  powder foundie, lotion and shampoo next time.

Thanks reading, Have a nice day


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Business Tips To Make Money Online

Important Online Business Tips To Make Money

Thousands of people now dream to be a successful internet marketer because of the fact that they can work at home and because of the idea that you can still have your freedom while you are working. Only at the beginning of your online business that you are going to dedicate your time in order to build a successful Online business. However, when you are already near success, your business seems to be smooth sailing. I'll give you some big tips on how to overcome online-business problems and ideas that will take your Marketing to another level.

Lots of Internet Marketers flunked with their online business because of their bad routines. Commonly, we spend time checking out emails, reading unnecessary things in the forums and wasting our time on unimportant surfing. These kind of daily activities will do nothing but failure. Surfing the net for unreasonable purposes and not related to your business won't do any good for you. You should limit yourself from doing these kind of activities. There's always time and place for work and leisure. You sometimes think that you are busy, well You might be busy doing nothing.

Your way to success in Online Business is when you take action. Even how much experience and knowledge you have gained, nothing is going to happen if you don't apply what you have learned. Many Internet Marketers wondered why they still fail in their Online Businesses despite the fact they have enough knowledge and experience. Apparently, they didn't take action. Learning always goes with application. After you have applied what you have learned, save a room for improvement. Do not be satisfied with the level of your skills because you can still enhance them. In the Online business world, you can never sell a product if you don't take action.

Another thing to be remembered when you are working with your computer is to work in 50 minutes power session and afterward take a rest for 10 to 15 minutes. This way, you can get out of system and refresh. A stressed mind can never work well. Include your time for a little break in your plans. When you set a plan for your business, it's like you have a goal to accomplish. Take time to prepare everything you need when setting up an Online business. Prepare yourself so that you will have direction and energy to achieve your goals and become successful in making money online.

Best Of Luck to  everyone of us!  

Have a nice day, Thanks fore reading

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