Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Singapore is one of my favorite destination, I have been to Singapore  for 3 times, I love Singapore as if i was live there in my past life, i love everything and i have lots of reason why i love to stay in Singapore, it is safe crime free environment, foods are superb,it is also Clean, green leafy streets and parks, has a first class public transport lots of shopping mall and fashion clothes accessories and everything about fashion. and most of all has the best airline in the world.IMO:-)

I love Singapore Airlines, I can say that SG is one of my favorite Airlines i like thier service and food plus i have the chance to take home some blanket and some souvienier stuff inside the airplane hehhehe, cabin crews are also kind and friendly.

here's some photo's  i have more photo's but i think this is enough post for this blog

the food yummy better than EK lol!

here's what i've got inside SG airplane 

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