Sunday, December 27, 2009

My New Years Wishlist

I am starting my new years wish list Hopefully this material wishlist will be grant as soonest time possible, my motivation to work inspired and aim high with the blessings of our dear God above....

 *Chanel  Bag and Jewelry Collection*  wink:-)

Isn't it lovely? Wew!! i wish i could have them all ...dream on girl:-)

LCD TV and complete dining set like this...


Make ups

Do I need to explain why I adore this cute pink bag *wink*

I think I need to have this Ipod though im not that techie,  i think i was left behind by the technology right now so i hope i kinda find something good about having this stuff on my wishlist hopefully but not really my priority

Trip to Paris France, well I need to work on it:-) 


Click here for hot comments and graphics...

*New rewarding stable career that i can grow better*
*Good Health for me and My Family* 
*Success For My Future Business*
*More Trips Abroad..wink*

*Hoping to find the man God destined to be my Life partner*

That's it for now, I have more list to go, be back in few  days...

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