Sunday, December 27, 2009

All About HBC Products

I was hesitant to try HBC products before but since i read good feedbacks from forums I started to get my persoanl hauls from that are my reviews from their products that I personally used before writing and sharing my reviews about certain products...

Hortaleza Professional Conditioner: Virgin Coconut Oil 1000mL
It is formulated to moisturize hair as it helps prevent dandruff and scalp itchiness. Its moisture-enriched formula gently coats each hair strand making my hair soft, smooth and shiny, aside from its cheap  no regret using this product since i started and the smell is so good doesn't smell like a coconut at all

Hortaleza Professional Hairspa Treatment
Intensive conditioning treatment it is formulated to revive hair, ideal for color treated hair and hair that has undergone rebonding, straightening and relaxing treatment, I am using this for almost 2 months i used once a week to revive my hair and so far so good

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vanity89 said...

whheew! I love this conditioner :D I have a review with this too :D

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