Friday, December 25, 2009

Confessions Of A Shopaholic Goddess *shopping addiction* wink*

Here are some signs that you are shopaholic goddess or addicted to shopping
  • spending over budget
  • compulsive buying (not really needing anything you're buying)
  • hiding your purchase items
  • using shopping (or spending money) as a way to deal with feelings (anger, depression, anxiety)
  • getting a rush from spending
  • feeling guilty or ashamed after spending
  • obsessing about money
  • you almost spend more than 5 or more hours shopping
Compulsive shopping can make one feel great, I think its every woman's favorite hobby, I guess I can call myself a shopaholic goddess lol!! though sometimes i feel guilty about the way I shop and splurge specially if I tend to buy lot of things which I think  I don't need that much, I dunno but i find shopping as a relief and as if there's no tomorrow  and looking at them when i got home makes me really happy and satisfied but sometimes    I felt so guilty and wanted to return those items that I had purchase lol!!

I was like Becky Bloomwood from the book and movie Confessions Of  A Shopaholic ,  when I was working abroad. I  have to admit I can afford to buy things from branded  to expensive items that I wish to have. 

I used my advantage to splurge a lot of things from clothes, bags, accessories, books and make ups, due to my super stress and hectic schedule, the only thing that makes me happy after those crazy hours from my duty and having no sleep straight for my 2 night workloads,

I find relief and satisfaction whenever I go shopping even without having a rest coming from my work, I go directly to my fave shopping center that carries variety of branded international selection, I love buying clothes, from Forever21, Zara, Mango Topshop, Promod, Bershka, local brand Kamiseta, Bayo, Herbench and Tianges,  bags wallets  and  Luggage from   Liz Claiborne,  ELLE, XoXo, Nine West, Mango Delsey and Samsonite shoes from  Aldo, Clarks,  the most superb brand that makes me feel good comfy and feel like I am not wearing shoes at all because of its lightweight, I also love buying shoes from Celine and SM Parisian shoes they are so cool!!! aside from  it's a budget friendly that nowadays it's cheaper for me to buy haha..

 I also love those flat colorful  shoes from Greenhills  and Tiangge  nowadays,  I patronize going to tiangge oh well I need to watch my shopping splurge since I am not working abroad and  recently now in the  Philippines, so not enough budget to splurge branded and expensive items*sigh*

After shopping have you ever felt guilty? I do sometimes feel that...huh????


Credit Cards are the most convenient way to shop since you just only give them your card swipe and sign a signature and then voila!! you got all what you want, I have to admit I have almost 9 or 10 Credit Cards before oh my! the excitement of having a credit card paying those 9-10 CC a month almost kill my monthly salary,  some of my credit card was delivered to my accommodation  doorstep and I don't even remember applying in the bank but since its another credit limit that I can use to purchase so I did not question them and what I did I call the customer service to activate my account lol!!! and there you go! here I am again roaming around the mall and looking around for nice clothes, shoes and make up, eventhough I'm  not that good on putting make ups on my face I still decided to buy because of that saleslady trying to put on my face at the body shop counter and convince me to buy those shimmering effect on my face that makes my whole face alive and I thought that I need it to brighten up my boring and pale face at work,  then I went  to Mac counter to try those blushes and lippies and again find it good on my face voila got it again!!!

I see my colleagues working on YSL she's trying me some higlighter on my face it's called touche eclat so again I grab and paid for it.. and again my super fave shop Forver21 I tried 1 cute dress and 2 blouses I think I look great so I get them again haha..then went to  Careefour for my toiletriess and foods I get the big cart and put all the things that I wish, got my fave carrot and black forest cake, my cranberry juice, get some big shrimps and butter that's the safest and easiest food that I  can cook lol!! and I think I need new set of bed sheet saw cute pink comforter and cute heart shape pillows so i convinced myself again to buy those items and put it on my cart:-) I once again saw a DVD on sale whew it's only 10 dirhams so I stop there and browse those DVD's of my choice and again i have it 3pcs and went to furniture section i think i need more cabinets/closet for my things so I decide to get 1 foldable closet that can fold if I am moving anywhere,

I  haven't realized that I am shopping alone and never thought how can I bring them home I think its now enough and pretty huge to put on the taxi cab so that's it !! I went oN  the counter giving my credit card to the cashier while looking at my total bill and there you go I spend lotsa moolah im trying to close my eyes while signing my signature oh gosh!! almost finished my credit limit what the hell!!!

Nevertheless, Im super happy and feel the contentment of having those items that I have, I went home and started to fix all of them then I went to bed and sleep get ready for my next duty :-)


maybe this way  I can you can help  to minimize or control impulsive buying and you can save and  reduce temptations like:

Cut up plastic; close charge accounts; rip up credit card offers and home equity applications
• Make lists before going to the store; buy what you need only – call folks, take a trusted friend
• Wait so many hours before purchase
• Do you need this or do you just want it?
• Develop other ways to handle emotions
• Develop fun things to do
• Learn to ride through urges and preoccupations
• Develop habits in stores 

try also to Cancel Credit Cards Another option to help with your shopping addiction is to cut up all your credit cards. Since this form of payment is mostly used and convenient, you will have to use another method in order to pay for your purchases, which may not be as convenient as a credit card. Ask your spouse or a friend to keep you in line by helping you manage your money.

Eat Healthy: Eating healthy will help your brain to think positive and possibly avoid the feeling of depression or stress that can push you to shop often online or in your local stores. Cleanse yourself with green apples, green grapes, and other fruits and

Hope this helps Im not saying that I am not shopaholic but I am trying my best to minimize and control myself and not to spend too much. Well. I think the best way is to cancel all my credit cards and live a simple life. well goodluck ladies hope we can do it and make a difference cheers:-)


teeyah. said...

Like you, I was a chronic shopper. In fact, I still am now but I think I'm better at this :) I have an ongoing contest, too :)

yuuki said...

i am a shopaholic myself...but i'll try to lessen it this 2010!

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