Friday, December 25, 2009

Welcome To My World....

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Hi Guys! This is my fist time to create a blog, I am a blog reader for almost a year, but I don’t have the guts to start a new blog of my own, and I don’t have that enough time to compose and start, but I think now is the time to share anything that had happen to me, experiences and tips that needs to share with you guys.

Kindly bear with me, I am just starting my own blog, any correction, misspelled, and incorrect grammar if there is, my apology..hehe.. I’l get back then when im fully done and ready to start a more formal blog, but for the meantime please allow me to express about anything  and everything the best way I can. cheers:-)

People tend to misjudge me as a snob person. I’m actually the opposite one. Some says I have a suplada-look that’s pretty!!  I’m not really suplada so it’s reasonable to draw closer to me. Don’t annoy me coz I can be your worst enemy. I’m pretty much reserved and quiet but I know how to handle fun and I can surely rock life without regrets, I’m a fragile person inside and indestructible out! I’m very unpredictable and moody.

I love my family, of course God the most important. and also I love my friends. They are my second family and I would never ever trade them for anything. I love to cheer up people, not to fool them around. I can keep them as long as they want. I’m very loyal, friendly, but I can be stubborn in some ways maybe because, I’m a consistent person sometimes hihi. But I’m also open minded. I socialize with almost everybody.

~~~~~~~~More closer about me~~~~~~~~~

I always had fights with my emotional side because I’m so sensitive and I easily cry. I’m a dreamer. I’m usually interested in people, how they react to certain things the way they eat, was that normal? Well, who cares about normality? I love fashion and traveling and everything about it. It makes me feel relaxed and happy. I love parties but not that much now... I love to shop... I’m so vain... Totally vain.  But im learning to slow down cause i don't have that enough moolah to spend now *sigh* I’m crazy too! lol!

I often talk to myself whenever I feel liking it, when I reminded a funny experience, I’d laugh out loud and If I remember sad  memories I also cry out loud huh??
but normally  Laughing is my game.

I realized I can’t force my ideals on someone who is already real. Id be better off waiting because those who are hungry for a relationship end up with someone less than what they bargained for. When u give up your own dreams for him? When u has changed so much to please him? When u try to give all that he wants? When u try to avoid doing things that he doesn’t like? When u totally removed your pride coz he has so much of it? When you adjusted so much to his situation? When u sacrificed even your own happiness? When u try to understand even if he’s doing wrong? but at the end he was just disappeared without any words, Well I guess, that’s love is. “Taking all the risk.” And the worst is, you have to accept it even though it seems so unfair.

Oh well that's I think part of our  life maybe I am not yet destined to have someone in my life,  pretty sure I hope that God has someone destined to be my life partner Im waiting and patiently waiting for that.....I usually pray a lot that's the way I motivate myself to stay in focus I hope that my journey to life will be a fruitful and happier..:-)

Thanks for reading...Enjoy life!!!

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