Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mini Haul of the day..

I have no intention of buying today since I am saving for something, but I was bored while waiting for my friend to come, so I decided to roam around just to kill my time browsing some stuff and I went to beauty section inside Watson and to my surprise Im holding those stuff and heading myself to the  nearest cashier, unfortunately my "no buy mode" is not meant for me.LOL!

Random Stuff:

Careline Shimmering Lip Gloss
EB blushing pink face powder Refill
EB Frutania in watermelon lipgloss
Garnier Light whiten and moisturizing with spf 15 in sachet
Eskinol pimple fighting facial wash
Eskinol whitening facial cleanser
Likas Papaya whitening Soap
Maxipeel  Concealing Cream sachet
Jonhson's Bedtime Baby Oil
Apollo Petroleum Jelly
Ph Care pure and fresh sparkle
Colgate triple action toothpaste
Cotton Balls
Yes Magazine
Pink cute mini haircomb
2 mini box of cotton buds

then when I am at home mom give me this cute purple crocs replica that she told me she only bought it for only 100 bucks, she bought 3 pair of Crocs 1 for me, 1 for my cousin and 1 for her kumare , she got this from her friend who was just arrived from HK, I swear I don't like wearing fake stuff but since this is a small present from mom and not bad it's comfortable to use its lightweight  and fits me good, and  also she give me 1 Giordano T-shirt and accessories 2 piece of bracelet and hello kitty pouch bought it also from her friend wow! I like it love my mom dearly she is still not "kuripot" as i have thought she was haha !

I am happy today for my mini haul and my little gift from my mom, I hope that this is not my early gift for my coming Birthday I hope so hehe

Thanks for reading..have a nice day!


Musicalhouses said...

Great haul! The shoes are cute!

DangerouslyBeauty said...

I love this haul :) Please come follow me? :)xxx

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