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How to distinguish replica and authentic Louis Vuitton Bags


Authentic Louis Vuiton Bag

Louis Vuitton Manhattan Bag inspired handbag. Drawing inspiration from his own leather goods collection, Marc Jacobs infuses Louis Vuitton's newest must-have Manhattan GM with his characteristic urban-feminine style. Chunky gold metal hardware meets the classic Monogram canvas to positively smashingly stylish effect.

• Monogram canvas with natural cowhide trim and gold metal hardware
• Chunky metallic Louis Vuitton rivets
• Two outer gusseted pockets with push-lock closures
• Rounded natural cowhide straps with squared gold metal links
• Zipper closure with buckled leather strap
• Functional storage spaces for phone, wallet, accessories, and documents
• Taupe alcantara textile lining
• 15" x 10.2" x 5.5"

Did you know that just over 1% of the items on the market today with the LV trademark are authentic? Seems so terrible! It is a fact that a large number of people have difficulty in telling the difference between replica and authentic Louis Vuitton handbags. Actually though it is not an easy thing to do that, we still can try our best preventing from being fooled by replica ones. Hope you can learn something from the tips listed below.
  • The Taste of the Leather
In fact, all Louis Vuitton products have a unique taste of leather. if you are a frequenter of the authentic Louis Vuitton store, you will be familiar with the special smell. Just have a good smell of the leather, you can tell whether it is authentic or not. Of course, it needs a long time to attain the skill. Thus if you have time, that would be better if you visit its authentic store personally.
  • Water Absorption
Just make a drop on the leather. If it is an authentic one, the water will be fully absorbed by the genuine leather, even there would be some water spots left after being wiped. If not, that should be the poor fake one.
  • Canvas Appearance
Louis Vuitton uses oxidizing natural cowhide leather that turns a dark golden honey color over time. Plastic is not used! Besides, the LV logo will be upside down on one side of the bag and right side up on the other to follow this pattern. The LV pattern should match up correctly even at the seam breaks.
  • Stitching
The stitching on the authentic Louis Vuitton bag is golden. While replica Louis Vuitton handbags have brown stitching. The real LV will have no missing stitches, no gaps in the stitching and no loose threads. Remember, Louis Vuitton bags are so expensive because every detail is flawless. It should be made to perfection.
  • Metallic Brightness
Authentic Louis Vuitton bag uses brass and gold metal hardware, not gold painted plastic.
  • Quality of the Lining
Depending on the collection, Louis Vuitton uses a variety of textiles to line their bags: canvas lining in red or fine micro monogram textile, cross-grain leather, tone on tone polyester, or microfiber suede. Con-artists pay little to no attention on the interior. Most commonly they would line the interior with plastic or cheap tan or brown suede.
  • Date Stamp
Actually, date stamp does not guaranteed authenticity. Whether your handbag has the stamp or not, does not prove that it is genuine. Louis Vuitton started to use date codes to mark their items in the early 1980’s. Counterfeiters are even copying these, so I would not recommend basing authenticity singularly on this. You may need to search for the date stamp, they are occasionally hidden and may be difficult to find in some models.
Some date codes used
FRANCE: AO, A1, A2, AN, AR, AS, BA, BJ, CT, DU, FL, LW, MB, MI, NO, RA, RI, SD (also USA), SL, SN, SP, SR, TH, VI
USA: FH, OS, SD (also France)

Fake Replica Handbag

First, if the photo shows a bag that has plastic covering the handle, (such as the above photo) a plastic-enclosed strap or a plastic tag (or any kind of tag) hanging off, it is fake. Louis Vuitton doesn't do crappy plastic. Some buyers say they've received their LV (from an LV store) with plastic on the handle, but I've never seen a bag in any LV store I've been to with this plastic. Things to watch out for:
  • Hardware should not be wrapped in plastic or paper. Nor should the bag itself.
  • Check the photos of the hardware: the "V" on the "LV" on the zipper pull should not be set above the "L".
  • A leather tag with date code inside the bag is not a sign that the bag is authentic.
  • The leather tag identifying the bag as a Louis Vuitton should have very rounded "O"s; they shouldn't be oval-shaped.
  • Louis Vuitton does not include authenticity cards with their bags. If a re-seller is offering an authenticity card with a bag, the bag is fake.

There are no special resellers or closeout retailers for Louis Vuitton, so if a seller says that's how they are selling a bag so cheaply, they are lying. I think so.....

LV is extremely protective of their product and brand. Do you ever wonder why you don't see certain brands, Photos of the interior of the bag you are considering can also be very helpful in determining a fake. Many counterfeiters can't be bothered to take any time on the interior, so they just slap it together. If you don't look at the interior and immediately get a warm, fuzzy feeling of desire in your heart, then it's probably a fake. As I may or may not have said a zillion times already, Louis Vuitton makes perfect bags.  And while I'm at it, they also make perfect dust bags.

School's Over, But You've Got Homework
If you find a bag online (say on eBay or some other auction site), and you like it, write down the details of the bag. Then go do your homework.
If this bag you're considering is a new release from Louis Vuitton, don't think the counterfeiters couldn't possibly have already cranked it out. They can work incredibly quickly

Search online for that bag by name and color, and if you don't find it discussed or featured on reputable websites, then it's quite possible it was never made by LV in the first place.


I hope I can have this LV colorful bag but i think only in my dreams lol!!

This new LV Salina GM. It pairs the standard monogram tote with a few slips of red vinyl trim, coming together for a semi-festive look  this was inspired by Marc Jacobs

A smaller version of Louis Vuitton's celebrated Keepall, the Speedy 25 is a roomy, lightweight bag for your everyday needs. With comfortable rolled leather handles, an open interior, and a zipper closure with a signature padlock.
  • Monogram canvas with natural cowhide trim and golden hardware
  • Canvas lining with an inside pocket
  • 10" L x 7" H x 6" W 

Disclaimer: All the bags above are not my property  I grab this from a certain public websites just a note to  serve as my inspiration or will just say as a list or pictures of a brand products that i wish to have in the future...

Thanks for reading.. Have a nice day ladies^-^

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