Monday, May 10, 2010

Work At Home Jobs: The Top Questions And Answers

It's natural for a new work at home job seeker to have tons of questions before they begin their search, and also often during their search. There are scams scattered everywhere you look on the Internet and one has to be extra cautious.

Perhaps a job seeker has already been scammed and wants to be reassured they won't be a victim again? Or maybe they just need to know exactly where to start? The answers to the below questions and the following tips will help.

Q - Do I have to have experience in order to work at home?
A - For work at home in general, one does have to have basic Internet navigation skills and basic typing skills. For a lot of the telecommute jobs that are available, one does have to have certain skill sets. However, it depends on which company you are applying for as to what skills you need to get the job. For each job listed, it usually states "specifics of experience needed" and often times will require a resume from you. A few of the companies will train you on the job and if so, it will be stated on the company's website. Also some of the companies will require you to train on site for so many months of said company before you are allowed to work at home.

Q - Can I make enough money to pay my bills from working at home?
 A - Yes, it certainly is possible. For telecommute jobs, it all depends on what company you apply for. The pay varies for each job/company. For best results and if possible, try to work for more than one company to help secure your income.

Q - Does a telecommute company require any fees to get started working?
A - The only fees that should be required are for specific software in order to do the work, a headset for customer service, a foot pedal for transcription work, and for some companies, a background check. If a company requires any other fees than the ones listed above such as start up or registration fees...these are scams. Always do your research.

Q - What types of jobs are offered in telecommuting?
A - There are many jobs available for you to choose from including:
* Customer Service
* Data Entry
* Admin Assistant
* Freelance Writing
* Blogging
* General and Medical Transcription
* Coding
* Web Design
* Tutoring
* Graphic Design

Q - How does one research a job lead to find out if they are a scam or not?
A - Below are the number one signs of a scam:
1) Registration fees
2) No contact information
3) Statement saying you will make $xxx amount of dollars in a short time
4) Free hosted website

Below are some sites for you to search out certain online scams:

Important Tip: You can also type in the name of the company with the word "scam" behind it in the home page of to find out scams

Q - How many hours do you have to work when working from home?
A - For telecommute jobs, it depends on what company you apply for and how many hours they require. The ball is in your court, you can work for as many hours as you wish and for how many companies as you wish. Just make for sure you are not over-booking yourself. Always consider your family's needs as well.
Q - Where is the best place to find a telecommute job?
A - You can find jobs through many different sources. You can find a lot of them on message boards and Twitter, along with the other social media sites.
You can find them on job boards such as:
You can also find them by doing a search on

Q - Will I need a resume to find an online job?
A - Yes. Almost all legitimate telecommute companies will require a resume from you. They want to know if you have the skills required to do the specific job. Also it is best to include a cover letter along with your resume.
The important thing to remember when searching for an online job is, have patience. Most often, you won't find a job overnight. Keep applying consistently to the job leads that you think you are qualified for

Hope it helps you and give you idea about homebased jobs

Thanks for reading, Have a nice day



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I work from home, but I have a FT job. :) It's a special arrangement with the company that I work for. :)

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