Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Finally! Got my Nars Desire!!!

I know I am late! but who cares! Finally I have my own Nars Desire  Blush! *wink*

this is actually my first  ever NARS blush I've  been lemming Nars desire for quite sometime, and I am loving it,  I love pink so definitely this blush is a must have for me, this color look like 'barbie pink or bright candy pink"...

 just be careful not to grab too much because this can easily make you look like a clown. looks so bright in the pan just kinda scared of it, but i think i just only need a little and apply sparingly,
Because it is so pigmented, this blush will probably last me my entire life! Totally worth the money, you really need to go out and get this blush!!  Would definitely buy again but not on this color, i 'l go and try for other color blush shades.

I will post my pro's and con's in the next few weeks let me used first then I'l  be back on this post... see you guys thanks for reading ... have a nice day cheers!


And I can't resist myself to bring home this cutie laptop bag, isn't isn't it beautiful? oh well i think i just simply love pink that's why I really adore this haha!!

Have a nice day ladies Cheers!!!!


1 comment:

Jing said...

desire is so pretty, isn't it?
it so pigmented i do not know how to hit the pan!

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