Thursday, March 4, 2010

Finally Im back!!!

I'ts been a while that I haven't been so active in updating my blog and I apologize for that, I just came back from almost 2 weeks vacation and i feel something that i have missed a lot of things on my online stuff..

Anyway, I really say thank you to Ms. Jeck from Freebie-natic she gave me a Sunshine Award  but that was way back 2 weeks ago  but I have no time to link back then, since I am out of town that time. Well its better late than never. that is why I am here and I really thank you sis, I appreciate that you choose me for this award.

Now, I am passing this sunshine award to some of my online friends here's the list below in no particular order:

Kayce- My Life and My Journey Online
Jing- Girl With Glasses
Jheng- IAM SUTIL's Abubots

ouch need more 8 well do that soon! for now still busy..see yah guys...

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So, share the love friends!

1 comment:

Jing said...

awww... thank you so so so much for this sunshine award!!!!

i promise to post it sooner!

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