Sunday, November 22, 2015

Purchased of the day!

Reading GT forum( Girltalk forum)  about the latest raves of a whitening products called BN or Bianca Naranjo whitening Soap, Lotions and creams, since I just arrived here in PH for a couple of months vacation, I tried to look for the BN's products, good thing I was able to buy near my place since they have branches from the North area. Here are few things I've got just to try for the sake of curiousity and let me share my experience in few weeks or months if it works for me or not.😊
                       BN extreme whitening lotion with SPF40, BN extreme whitening soap and BN scar cream 10g.

I also bought products from HBC (virgen coconut oil conditioner, hair spa, A Serum pre treatment, nail polish and nail polish remover

                                         Hair spa treatment with goatsmilk
                               Hortaleza A serum hair spray for rebond and hair ironing.
               Belo tranexamic face cream and a free Belo tranexamic kojic acid soap.

                                          That's it for today. Have a great day. ~xoxo~
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