Friday, November 12, 2010

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I' m back!!!!!
Heya guys! I'm back!!! I am browsing FN website and I was curious about what's my wedding personality, but yes since I am just a newly wed I just still wanted to find out what's the real deal about my wedding personality.
What’s your wedding personality?

Don’t know what kind of wedding you’ll have? This quiz helps you figure out your wedding personality. 
wedding_extra.jpgYou just got engaged, and soon your friends and in-laws will be asking about your theme, motif, and the type of wedding. All you have are vague pretty pictures of the big day. Take this test and find out what your wedding personality is.

Whatever wedding ideas you may have or whatever your wedding personality is, though, just remember that the most important thing is to let both your personalities shine on your big day—your wedding will be a reflection of you and the love you share.

HERE'S MY QUIZ RESULT: oh my!!!! it's exactly what happen in my recent wedding "it's a garden wedding,  my motif is pink sorrounded with pink accent , flowers. but my wedding  is not that extravagant but still a   garden  wedding so simple and intimate.

Quiz Result:
a_nina_jay__romantic.jpgYou are a Romantic Bride!

Perhaps you’ve imagined holding your wedding in a garden with lots of candlelit trees and rose petals on the ground. Lush floral arrangements in all shades of pink could also help you channel the look in your reception. An appropriate wedding song is "The Prayer" performed by a soloist or an orchestra.

Your wedding style ideas are filled with dainty bridesmaids’ dresses. Go for a pretty ball gown made of satin and French lace for that uber romantic look on your special day.

Need help with your wedding plans? Go to for tips and inspiration!

if you want to know your wedding personality check it HERE

photo credits from FN networks

Thanks  for reading. Have Blessed day  everyone!!!

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